Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our 1940 Foursquare... The Tour Continues

In my last post I gave a house tour of the downstairs area. If you missed it you can see the downstairs home tour. I'm now going to show the upstairs via the realtor's MLS photos.

Not sure starting at the bathroom is the best place to start the second part of the tour but... here goes!

At the top of the stairs is a hallway and to the left is the bathroom. It is the one and only bathroom in the house. And, this has taken some getting used to. Another issue I've had to get used to is having guest go upstairs to use the bathroom. However, it doesn't seem to bother them.

Adjacent to the bathroom is a medium sized bedroom.

As you can see a little girl resided in here. I'm sure she loved her little room but my thought was, "These stripes have got to go!" I think it was our second night in the house that I found the can of purple paint and painted over all of the pink stripes. It was a temporary solution... a very temporary solution but one I could live with for a little while.
Directly across from the striped bedroom is the master bedroom.

As you can see... It isn't palatial.

To the right of the wooden dresser, with the mirror, is a walk-in closet. But truly, calling it a walk-in closet depends on your size and if you are claustrophobia. I would actually call it a reach-in closet... However, you do need really, really long arms to reach the back side of the closet. 
I’m formulating some ideas regarding making something acceptable for a closet without taking up to much of the floor space in this small master. But, that is another project that is on our to-do list and I will do the before and after's in another post.
Adjacent to the master bedroom is the smallest room.
I think it was the second week we lived in this house, that I painted this room a creamy white and made it into our temporary walk-in closet. I will share the details in another post.
You can't really tell from the photos but the house actually has really dark paint colors and one of the first things on our to-do list was to lighten the rooms up. 
As I have said before, this house is small be it seems to fit us perfectly right now.
Please visit again as we make this house into our home.
Thank you for stopping by!



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